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Al Loutos & Al Yasmeen Flowers has, especially for the consumers' market, put a sales concept into the market, called hydrohome. Hydrohome is a brand name connected to hydro culture at a high level. This brand is setup purely for the consumers' market and put in the market in this capacity. Selected florist's can label their hydro culture with a quality brand towards the consumers market. Hydrohome stands for sales and advice in the area of hydro culture towards the consumer, whereby a certain quality level of the dealer is required.

However, our most important product is still hydro culture plants. From small to big in many species and shapes.

Pots & accessories
Hydro Huisman has next to plants a broad collection of hardware (among others plant boxes in ceramic, metal, synthetics, wood, etc.) and other accessories like waterlevel indicators, hydroponics grains, etc.

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Al Loutos & Al Yasmeen Flowers has been a leading trade name in the field of hydroculture, pot plants and exclusive hardware for decades in the UAE.


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