Polyscias Fabian

Title: polyscias (Polyscias)
Family: Araliaceae (Araliaceae).
Homeland: Tropical Asia, Oceania, Madagascar.
Rhode polyscias (Polyscias JR Forst. & G. Forst.) Has 80 species of plants of the family Aralia (Araliaceae). Distributed in tropical Asia, the Pacific islands and Madagascar.
His name was born through the merger of the Greek words «polys» - and a lot of «skias» - shadow. This title has two interpretations. The first refers to a dense crown, giving plenty of shade. Second - on the growth in moist shady woods. Both of them reflect the characteristics of this plant. Represents the evergreens, trees and shrubs with smooth branches Leaves lobed, twice, thrice pinnate. The flowers are small, umbrella-arranged or assembled in head form metelkovidnye inflorescences.
From polyscias paporotnikolistnogo doing drugs. They obladayutt distinctive mechanisms of action adaptogens help the person adapt to adverse environmental factors and to increase resistance to emotional stress, infections, radiation, etc.
Polyscias looks very impressive in a beautiful ceramic pot in a single plant, but the big ones are very expensive. In principle, quite capricious plant. He needs good lighting, flat soil moisture at the roots, and warm in winter. The main problem in growing - humidity: polyscias not tolerate dry air.

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