Codiaeum Tamara

Name: Croton (Codiaeum)
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Homeland: India and Malaysia
Crotona appeared in Europe in the first half of the XIX century. Widely cultivated varieties descended from codiaeum motley (Codiaeum wariegatum), which is characterized by brightly colored and different shapes and sizes of leaves (usually elliptical, sometimes - narrow and long, almost lanceolate, sometimes - lobed or wavy edges, the ends of the emergency). Most young plants pattern on the leaves green and yellow, while the adult specimens takes various shades of red, from white to orange. Summer flowers can appear without a great aesthetic value.
Crotona - popular, although not the easiest to grow plants. Often in winter the plant loses some leaves, but in the spring it produces new shoots again. What are the most well-known varieties of croton 'Sun Star', 'Norm' 'Peter' 'Louise', there are other varieties of compact size, which is generally used in the compositions ('Zolotopalchaty' Golden Sun ',' Golden Star ' ).



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