Codiaeum Mammipetra

Codiaeum belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. It is native to Melanesia, Polynesia and North Australia. Floriculturists call codieaum more often simply as croton flower. There are a lot of croton species, for example croton mammy or croton mamey, petra croton (or croton petra), croton eluteria, red croton, codiaeum variegatum, croton megalocarpus, croton bonplandianum, croton tiglium, croton norma, croton capitatus, croton alabamensis, croton glandulosus etc. But as a house plant people mostly use Garden Croton (Codiaeum Variegatum pictum).
Croton flower is an evergreen shrub with rigid leatherlike leaves. In the nature croton flower grows up to 1,5 m high. House croton has more descent size (35-70 cm). Croton leaves are bright, have various colours and forms. They can be wide or narrow, mostly they resemble magnified laurel leaves, but they can be ribbon-like, coiled, fancifully cutout. Croton flower looks bright and multicoloured, because its leaves have various colours. Young croton leaves are green and yellowish, they are located at the top of a shrub, but while growing they change their colour and become multicoloured: with rose, red, orange spots. Codiaeums bloom with yellow-white flowers that should be mostly plucked so that plants won’t lose their powers, because their beauty is in their leaves.


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